Keisho's nickname(キショウの愛称)

皆さんは、ご自分のワンちゃんを、かわいさあまりに、名前以外の愛称で呼んだりしませんか? Do you have a nickname for your dog ?

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キショウの愛称は、いろいろ。キッシュ、キショポン、キショベアー、狸ちゃん、リトルガール、そのときのポーズで、バットマン、スフィンクス など。 Keisho has several nicknames like...Quiche,Keisho-pon,Keisho-bear,Raccoon dog, Little girl ...etc. Sometimes depending on her pose, we call her Bat man or Sphinx.

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皆さんのワンちゃんの愛称もよかったら教えてね。よい週末を。 If you have the nickname like that,please share it with me? Have a nice weekend!

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Grandma's Chicken (チキンの話)

めでたくワクチンが終わり、動物病院から出ると、チキンがいました。 Finally they finished their vaccinations. Time to head back home... Eh! What's this, Jessie has sniffed out a chicken.

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チキンで思い出したのは、パパのおばあさんのお話。 This chicken reminds me of the story from KJDad's grandma.

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ニューサウスウェールズの田舎町にすむ、元気なおばあさん。 She lives in the counry-side of NSW.

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そのおばあさんが飼っているチキンのロジァーは、 She has a rooster called Roger.

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なんと、自分をだと思っているんですって。 Roger acts like a dog.

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いつも、おばあさんの後についてきて、 He always follows up KJDad's grandma.

vet 204 blog

食事も一緒。 They have dinner together.

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おまけに、一緒にベッドで寝るんですって! What is more, they sleep together!

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なんか、ほほえましいでしょ?でも、ある日、おじいさんの頭の上で卵を産んで、実はメスだとわかり、名前がロナになったんです。 Isn't it heart warming? But one day Roger slept in KJDads uncles hair and laid an egg. Roger was actually a girl! So Roger then became Rona.

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What about our dogs.... Jessie is scared of this chicken.

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Mature Keisho(大人な黒柴キショウ)

キショウ、注射どうだった? How was your vaccination,Keisho?

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I am fine because I am mature!

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ほんとはどうだったの? Is it true?
痛かったよ~!とっても。 Honestly,it hurts.

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おしりもちゃんと洗って綺麗にしてもらった? Did the nurse clean your bottom?
うん、うん。もう空っぽよ~。 Yes,yes. it's empty now.

vet 187 bog

これも、痛かったのよ~~ It was painful,Jessie!

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じゃあ、ジェシーも大丈夫よね。 Well,it sounds ok for Jessie.

vet 189 blog

えっと、、、 Well...

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ジェシーは、お子ちゃまだから、だめかも。 She might not because she is immature....
あたしもそう思う。 I agree with you.

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ウソですよ。ジェシーも、ワクチンがんばりました。 Kidding. Jessie made it,too.

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Pray to God for freedom!(ジェシーの神頼み)


 ワンコの神様、仏様。 Dear God and Buddha for dogs!

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 どうかあたしをここから救ってくらはい。 Please help me to escape!

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 今まで、高いお布団や、パパのサングラス、ママの盆栽を破壊したことをこの場で誤りますから。 I apologize to you that I ripped an expensive blanket,broken KJDad's sunglasses and distroyed KJMom's bonsai...

vet 111 blog

 キショウさん、終わりました~ Keiho has finished!
 ん? Pardon?


 次、ジェシーさん、どうぞ~ Jessie is next!
 ちっ、効果なしか。 Sugar! It doesn't work!

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Vaccination record 2012(ワクチン接種記録2012)

 I am still writing the article about the vet.


For me, the blog is a kind of our dogs record.

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 さらっと、読みながしていただければ、幸いです。 I am happy that you juts scan through.

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 では、また明日。 See you tomorrow.

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Jessie's tummy(ジェシーのお腹の件)

 ご心配をかけていましたジェシーのお腹の件ですが、今朝、散歩中に、元気なうんが確認できましたので、ご報告します。 I am happy to inform that Jessie's poo was fine this morning!

vet 065 blog

 これまでの話を振り返りますと、先週土曜日にワクチン接種。 From my previous blog entry, Jessie had a vaccination on last Saturday.

vet 068 blog

 日曜日。なにごともなく元気。でも、昼間でも、すごく寒い天気だったのを覚えています。 On Sunday, she was fine. But I remember the weather was windy and cold.

vet 061 blog small

 月曜日、顔は元気そうなのに、一日中、下痢をくりかえす、といった症状でした。 On Monday, she had diarrhea all day. She looks fine,though.

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 すぐに病院へと思ったのですが、下痢の正確な診断のために、サンプルを持参しなければならないことが発覚。We found out that we need to take a sample of her poo before we take her to the vet.

vet 076 small

 火曜日。とりあえず1日、胃をやすませるため、絶食させて、湯冷ましだけのませる。 On Tue, we stopped feeding her to give her tummy a rest for a day. We only gave her mild warm water.

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 水曜日。サンプルをとるため、(飼い主が)へとへとになるまで散歩を決行。(この時点でも、ジェイーはいたって元気。) On Wed, we took her for a long walk to get her sample!

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 飼い主の期待に応えようと、ジェシーもきばってはみるが、1日絶食のせいか、なにも出てこず。飼い主もサンプル摂取断念。 She tried to take a poo. However she couldn't because she had not ate anything! We gave up to take her sample.

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 食べ物は、野菜は一切食べないワンコなので、ドライフードにお湯をかけたものをすこし与える。 I fed her dog dry food with warm water.

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 今朝、鶏肉を焼いたものを与え、サンプルほしさに、朝の散歩に連れ出したら、きれい(?)なをしたんです! This morning, I cooked small chicken to give her. I took jessie for a walk and tried to get the sample from Jessie. Finally she took a beautiful poo!!

vet 087 blog

 夜もコロッとしたものを出していました。 This night, I could see her small healthy poo,too.

vet 088 blog

 とはいっても、またぶり返すかもしれないので、そのときは、サンプル持参で、病院にすっ飛ぶつもりです。とりあえず、ご報告まで。 I am still keeping an eye on her. If she repeats it again. I will take her to the vet with her sample poo....

kako-7fEo5ULSJ4ertYbY (1)

( この記事は昨晩(木曜日)書いて、公開ボタンを押し忘れてしまいました。今日、朝もいいでしたので、ご心配なく!!)


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Jessie's stomach trouble (ジェシー不調)

 皆さん、ワクチン接種の後、ジェシーのお腹が不調なんです。 After her vaccination, Jessie's stomach became upset.

vet 055 blog

 昨日、一日中下痢ばっかりして、、、 Yesterday she had diarrhea all day.

vet 056 blog

 健康チェックの結果は異常なしだったのに。 The result of her health check at the vet was OK...

vet 057 blog

 とにかく、病院に連れて行く前に、一日断食させて様子を見てみます。もしなにかワンコの下痢についてアドバイスがあれば教えて下さい。お願いします。 In any case, I can see she is ill after the vaccination and I am fasting her for a day. If you have any advice,please let me know.

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Gut feeling(予感的中)

 先週と何かが違う。 Something is different from last week.

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 確かに、KJパパは、あたしたちを車で連れ出してくれてるけど、これは、ドッグランと違う道。 I am sure KJDad is taking us somewhere but this view isn't going to the dog ground.

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 それに、キショウ姉さんの毛が、ストレスで抜けてる、、、 And Keisho's hair is coming off because of her stress...

vet 050 blog2

 お外は雨なのに、KJパパが連れ出してくれる場所って、 It is raining outside but KJDad still wants to take us to somewhere special....

vet 052 blog

 やっぱり、、、(動物病院)。 the vet...

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 年1回のワクチン接種のためです。 We have to take them to the vet for their vaccination once a year.

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After all...(結局)

After all, I cannot wait for KJDad to come back home and wash stinky Jessie tonight. I led Jessie to the shower room...


  ウォッシュ。 And washed.


Tomorrow it will surely rain but I remembered I have to take our two dogs to the vet for vaccination at 9 am. Now that Jessie has been washed. I can take her in public.

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あっ、どうも。黒柴キショウです。 Hello, Keisho here.

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Jessie was managing KJDad room last week.

098 blog

From today, Keisho is managing on behalf of Jessie. Because she smells sooo bad.

105 blog

Don't worry,Jessie. Hang in there. KJDad will come back home this weekend.

109 blog

原因は、ジェシーは、散歩中、腐って倒れた木の下にもぐったため、すご~いニオイがするんです。でも天気が下り坂なため、週末に洗ってもらいます。パパに。 The reason Jessie smells strong is because she crawled into a dead root. I cannot wash her now because it is going to be raining tomorrow. I will ask KJDad to wash her this weekend.


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KJMom's eco cooking(ママの手抜き料理)

 パパがいないと、ママは料理が楽だっていってるよ。 KJMom says the cooking is easy while KJDad isn't at home.

keisho blog

 だってね、スーパーの買い物がわたしたちのチキンだけでいいんですって。 Because she only has to buy chicken at the supermarket.

022 blog

 しかも、 Moreover,

038 blog

 照り焼きにして、骨だけわたしたちに分けてくれるの。経済的でしょ? She cooks Teriyaki and gives the bones to us. Isn't it economical,is it?

041 blog

 もともと、料理が苦手なママ。そんなママが一生懸命料理するんだもん。尊敬してるよ。ママ! Basically, KJMom is not good at cooking but she tries hard. I am so impressed, KJMom!
 こら、ばらすな!! Hey,Keisho! Say no more!!

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The rare visitor (珍しいお客さん)

My parents in law have gone to England. While they are away, KJDad is at their home looking after 3 dogs.

 ここでは、よく珍し~お客さんがやってきます。 You can often see a rare visitor here.
kako-fHQhVXAWXjRaBXVh (1)

例えば、、、 For example,
kako-AOsJXbhM102R5r5H (1)
 こんな感じ。 "Owl",something like that.
kako-eoykOU2OZ9XQYRP8 (1)

 パパがスマートフォンで撮ったブレブレ写真ですが、近づくと逃げちゃうので、堪忍ね~。He took these photos by his smart phone. That is why, it's blurry. But he couldn't come closer in case the owl flew away.

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Dog ground (2)(ドッグラン-その2)

 この写真は、あまりにブレブレなのもで、載せようか迷ったんだけど、パパと過ごせて、ご機嫌がもどった、本来のドッグランでのジェシーをお見せしたくて載せることにしました。(ちまみに、キショウはふだんでも、ドッグランでは走りません。) These photos are too blurry to upload. But at least you can see real Jessie in the dog ground after walking with KJDad. (Keisho usually doesn't run in the dog ground.)

425 blog

 帰る直前に、もう一度、ドッグランに戻ったのですが、そこで、ノリノリのスピッツちゃんに遭遇したジェシー。 Before going home, we took Keisho and Jessie to the dog ground again. Jessie saw a good running friend, "Miss Spitzu".

426 blog

 とにかく動きが速すぎて、ブレブレ。 They run too fast to take photos!

414 blog2

 ヒトも大型犬も、この2匹にタジタジです。 The owner and big dogs are all surprised at their speed!

415 blog2

 前回の記事(ドッグラン-その1)でのジェシーと全然違う子みたい。 I introduced Jessie in the previous article, "Dog ground (1)" to you. She looks totally different!
逃げろ~。 Run!!

420 blog

しまった!追い越された!! Sugar!Overtaken!


 うーん、その走りなら、ロンドンオリンピック代表になれるね。 so fast! You can become an Olympic athlete in London.

441 blog

えっ、もう代表選手だけど。。。(関連記事は、こちら I am already...

442 blog

 この後、また1週間、KJパパは実家の3匹を世話するために留守になります。 KJDad is going back to his parents house to look after their dogs during the coming week,again.

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Swamp Hen(オーストラリアの水鳥、セイケイ)

By the way, I'd like to introduce an Australian water bird which we saw near the lake.

387 blog

This is a Swamp Hen.

399 blog

It is not all black. You can see her beautifu blue breast in this photo.(I took it in the morning.)

And there are two happy dogs. Girls,would you like to go home before getting dark?

307 blog

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Walk with KJDad(パパとお散歩)

Here in the forest near the dog ground. KJDad usually walks fast. So our dogs are chasing him fast too.

141 blog

They look happier running here than in the dog ground.

162 blog

Here is a lake. The sun goes down so quickly.

240 blog

 KJパパとの久しぶりのお散歩。楽しいよね? It's been a long time since KJDad walk you,guys. Happy?

174 blog

 キショウのこの表情は、な証拠。 I can tell Keisho is happy.

214 blog

ジェシーは、、、 What about Jessie...

191 blog

満点の笑顔です。... is 100% happy!

183 blog2

 結局、2匹は、ほかのワンコではなく、KJパパと一緒にいたかったんだよね? Eventually, what 2 dogs want to is to spend their time not with other dogs but with KJDad.

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Dog ground (1)(ドッグラン-その1)

)KJDad took our dogs to the dog ground. As soon as small Keisho came in, she is surrounded by massive dogs and she is so scared of them!
(This photo shows her running away.)

113 blog

それに、いつもは好奇心旺盛のジェシーまで、遊ぶことに興味なし!初めてのドッグランじゃないのに、一体どうしたんでしょう?? Jessie usually likes running with other dogs. But she doesn't feel like it today. Why are they so nervous today?

dog run 1

"仕方がない!"とパパ。とりあえず、ドッグランの近くの湖に、2匹を連れ出すことにしました。" It can't be helped." said to KjDad. We decided to take them for a walk near the lake instead.

123 blog

2匹も、待ってましたといわんばかりに、出口へダッシュ。 They prefer to run away rather than staying here. They both dash towards the gate.

130 blog

KJDad, Wait! Keisho is taking a nervous pee! Poor, Keisho. She must have felt scared of those huge dogs!

131 blog

Well, KJDad organised the family service for our dogs. Will he make up for them after the lake walking?(To be contined)

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Family service (家族サービス中)

しょぼんな表情の黒柴キショウ。 Keisho looks depressed...

094 blog

こんなの当然よ、な顔の赤柴ジェシー。Jessie's face says, "You deserve it!"

098 blog

そして、娘たちを1週間ほったらかした罰として、ドッグランまで運転させられているKJパパ。(パパの表情をお見せできないのがなんとも残念。) KJDad left his daughters for a week. He deserves to be punished, like he should take them to the dog ground.( I wish I could show KJDad's awkward face!

099 Dad blog


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Jessie loves my...(愛されています、、、私の○○)

あ、やばい。この目。! I can read what Jessie wants to do...

263 blog

わ、わかった!お願いしますっ OK! OK! You can do it!

265 blog

ジェシーが、愛していることとは、飼い主の”足なめ”。1本ずつ、丁寧になめてくれます、、、 Jessie loves to lick each toe...

pero Jessie

 おまけに、動くと、このように押さえられ、、、 What is more, she holds me if I move...

261 blog

 堪忍!もう限界、ジェシー!!That is it, Jessie!

246 blog

 いつもは、パパの足がターゲットです。 Normally KJDad's toes are her target.

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How old is Keisho?

How old is Jessie?



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